Please keep the Living Waters Team in your prayers, as they travel and work to help bring clean water to our brothers and sisters in Christ in Guatemala, and also pray for the members of the Alpha and Omega Church in Tacana, as they are busy making their preparations. The team departed March 1 and returns March 10. Team members, who were commissioned are: Eric and Fancy Jezek, David and Debbie Trahan, Ed and Elizabeth Seeger, Daniel, Renee, Caydn and Kyler Quinn, Sandy Mason, Janice Smith, Maria Duarte and Luis Kianes.

Between the Desert Auction, the Buy a Part/Be a Part Fundraiser, and other generous donations, over $15,000 was raised to support this life saving work. Members of the team will teach and oversee the installation of the system at the Alpha and Omega Church, train local church members to operate and maintain the system, and help them develop a long term plan for sustainability. Other team members will provide critical health and hygiene education to church and community members, and empower them to teach others in their communities so that the good news of the benefits and appropriate use of clean water can be widely shared. And finally, the team will visit a couple of additional sites with the hope of signing a new covenant agreement for an installation in 2021.

*The team looks forward to sharing this experience with you on Sunday, March 22, so you can see the impact of your generosity of time, money and prayers. Thanks be to God!

Below are pictures of them on their trip in Guatemala as they send them to us.